Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Wellness Wednesday - An Under Reported Cause of Restless Legs {photo(s)}

When did I become my sweet Momma?  I went to bed one night thinking I was me.  But after trying to settle down, I realized I couldn't stop my feet from moving, which is what Momma used to call her "nervous feet". 

After my "nervous feet" started getting in the way of my sleep EVERY night, I put on my Crunchy hat.  Never heard the term Crunchy?  Me neither, but it seems to be a word to describe people who research natural ways of dealing with health issues, or baby issues (any Crunchy Mommas out there?) or.....


adjectivecrunchier, crunchiest.

crisp; brittle.
Sometimes, crunchy granola

Informal. health-conscious and environmentally aware:  ME!

The research led me to something I never thought of before:   magnesium deficiency.  We used to be able to get our daily allotment of magnesium through our diets.  But over time even vegetables in our own gardens are susceptible to lack of magnesium because the soil is lacking it.  Overuse of the soil and erosion are two reasons our home grown goodies aren't as good for us as they used to be.  In the case of processed foods, the manufacturing process itself bleaches out needed nutrients.  

In an article from, it sites research that that suggests that certain types of Restless Leg Syndrome is caused by magnesium deficiency.  It is thought that magnesium makes it easier for the muscles to relax.  

"This may be because of its calcium-blocking abilities, which help regulate the nerves and muscles instead of letting calcium “activate” the nerves. If magnesium is low, calcium isn’t blocked and nerves become overactive and trigger muscle contractions."

And because it can help magnesium-caused RLS, it also improves magnesium-caused RLS insomnia.  I really wasn't getting very much sleep and was very cranky much of the time.  

I started taking a great natural supplement, whose main ingredient is magnesium, for "regularity".
 But it has helped my RLS so much!  I started sleeping through the night, only getting up once or twice for bathroom breaks.  Even if it didn't help my irregularity, I would still take it for the RLS.

If you have RLS, I would get my magnesium levels checked first.  Then if they are low, I would look into getting on a good supplement.  Here is the link to the product I am using

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  1. Carla, this is amazing information. I think my lack of magnesium was also part of my headache problem.