Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wellness Wednesday - Don't Keep Your Head Stuck in the Sand!!

On a day, one like any other day, the doctor hurt my feelings and started me on a long journey of taking my head out of the sand.

The words that would eventually change my selfd view were "You are obese."

Of course I knew I was overweight, which is a nice comfortable word.  I was actually quite cozy with that concept.

But Obese.  That was a different thing.  Pulling my head out of the sand to confront the issue has been a journey I have been on for the last year.

It was quite easy for me to ignore the pounds gained through the years.  My overall health wasn't that bad, no high blood pressure, no diabetes.  I was still active.  So in the ground my head stayed.

Then my blood pressure started going up.  And I started having other nagging issues that the older people assured me just came with getting older.  My sweet husband would assure me that no I didn't look like the other overweight people.  My head popped out of the ostrich hole enough for me to see around.

Last year, I decided to start taking supplements because the drugs I needed had worse side effects than the illness it was designed to help.  With the help of these great supplements and diet/lifestyle changes, I am glad to say, I am still obese but the numbers are improving on the scale and in the blood work.  Yay!

What brought up these ramblings is an article I recently read about the different issues being overweight can cause.  Overweight, not obese mind you.  You can now imagine what other issues can come up with being obese.

The first step of getting your health back is always to look at your health with truth, not stick you
head in the sand like I did.  Your health will only get worse with age or by neglect.

  • Find ways to change your lifestyle.  Start by cutting little things you won't miss from your diet.
  • Find ways to make healthier food choices.
  • Research healthy supplements
  • Stop eating out as much
  • Start drinking more water.
  • Find ways to get more active.  You don't have to stay in-doors.  Get outside.  Go for a hike.  Go camping,
All of these are very simple things we can do, and I know everyone has heard them.  So get your head out of the sand and start your journey towards better health.

Your body will thank you!

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  1. Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your experience! I wish you much health, wealth, and prosperity!

  2. Thanks for the eye opener Carla. I think if I am not already there I am getting very close to being in the obese category. I just started the Plexus supplements about a month ago. Now just to get off my butt and get a little exercise.

    1. Me too! That is something that I need to get more serious about.

  3. Thank you for being real...always, Carla.