Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wellness Wednesday - What is the deal with Protein Shakes?

I don't know about you, but it took me forever to try protein shakes.  My husband lifted weights for football in his younger years.  He talked about drinking protein shakes to gain muscle and bulk.  Well that was definitely not the image I was striving for!  

But after researching a little, I found that just like you need extra carbs BEFORE exercising, you need protein AFTER exercising to repair muscle.  That way you are actually burning fat, not muscle   A 2008 study in Nutrition Journal whey protein shakes helped individuals with obesity to lose weight at a faster pace than just reducing calories.

I went to the Protein section in my local grocery store, thinking it would be a simple thing to pick one.  Boy was I wrong.  Not every Protein Powder is created equal.  Like everything else, some are made up of junk or fillers.  I also never knew there would be so many different types of protein.

I never thought reading labels would apply to protein powders.  But here I was again, trying to figure out the best option.  I decided to try Designer Whey Protein Powder, mainly because it was recommended by Dashing Dish.  If you have not heard of this web site, it is wonderful.  The recipes are easy, very tasty and do not use any seldom used items.  Her shake recipes  are so good, you will think you are being bad.  I really love the shakes, but my diet really wasn't conducive to losing weight so I don't think I really gave it a good shot.

In my opinion, I wouldn't really go for protein powders that are designed just for women or men.  A good protein powder will be generic.

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  1. Thanks Carla I always wondered what the big deal was with those shakes.

    1. You have to try the Plexus P96 shakes. They are the best tasting protein shakes. And I have a recipe for Protein Balls.