Monday, February 13, 2017

Network Marketing - Most Productive Activites

When I first started in Network Marketing, I knew little of what I needed to do to become successful.  I was told to post ads on Facebook and contact people about my new business.  But since then, I have learned it is so much more complex and time consuming that previously suggested.  Time consuming in a good way.

One of the things that I had to understand was that I am foremost a Marketer that happened to use the Network to advertise my products.  So I had to start acting like a professional marketer, not a spammy amateur.

The most productive activites for this step is to continually:

  • Evaluate ads to see which are most effective
  • Evaluate which ads groups have the most interactions
  • Create graphics and ad copy that solves problems for people
  • Research other methods of promotion, like blogs, web sites, capture pages and email 
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Learn your company's policies on promotion methods

Another part of Network Marketing is offering positions to other
marketers to join in a team effort to promote the same company. This is something that I need to really work on.

On this point, the best activities are:
  • Learn all you can about commissions, so you can share it better
  • Create graphics and ad copy to promote the business side
  • Develop a duplicateable training plan so your entire team will be successful
  • Research other ways to promote the business side, like blogs, web sites, emails.  Some companies do not allow outright promotion.

I do not need to:

  • talk about my company all the time
  • post ads all the time
  • cold call people
  • turn every conversation back to my company
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  1. Excellent Carla. Perhaps for a future article, I'd love to see some examples of your activities if you don't mind sharing.