Monday, February 6, 2017

How Speaking Encouragement Leads to Success

When I started in network marketing, it sounded so easy.  Making enough money to work from home, working from my phone: sounded too good to be true.  Then reality hit.  This opportunity isn't hard, but it takes time to do it right.  And it takes friends.  Not your warm market, but friends that understand how to market.  People who have different skills, ones who have more experience in areas you need growth.

How do you do this?  

Join spam groups.  Research people's ads.  Pick people that appear
to be genuine, who are really love their company.  Comment on their posts about how you like their choice of graphics, how you like their ad copy, or maybe a little tip on something you see they can improve on.  Encouragement!

If they respond back, and after a little amount of time, send a friend request.  

Once you become friends, talk network marketing strategy with them.  Agree to share each others ads in Spam groups with encouraging, uplifting words.  Talk about each others skills in public, carry on conversations.  Ads with many comments stand out, it draws peoples attention.  These types of interaction draws people to you, shows you to be genuine and trustworthy, unlike the ads with pictures of money or claims of instant cash.    

As your little networking team grows, so will your teams' influence and success.  This is one way to use encouragement.  But a word of
caution, do not be fake with this.  People will be able to tell and you will harm your reputation.

Start encouraging.  Stay honest. Success  will follow.

For more information check out these videos: 

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  1. Really great advice Carla. Thanks for the information.