Friday, January 27, 2017

IPA - Internet Information Curation Tools

Your time is valuable.  There is only so much of it to go around.  So how much time do you spend researching topics for blogs or posts that could be spent on more productive things like with family?

How would you like to have your own Social Media Assistant?

There are two apps I have found that can speed up this process in no time.  Both of these apps curate internet information based upon parameters you enter.  You can have several groups set up to pull information related to your Network Marketing Company and Network Marketing Tips or anything else you can think of.

One is Hootsuite Suggestions.  This is an iPhone app only.  I have searched high and low for an android version but I haven't been successful.  You can find it on iTunes.  Since I can't actually download this very useful app, I don't know the exact price, but I have been told it is free.  Hootsuite itself is $14.99 per month though, so you may have to have Hootsuite to get Suggestions.

By entering parameters that you use to Google a subject, Suggestions will search the internet and bring back the most popular items.  You can share straight from the app or you can schedule it to post at a later time.  The scheduling function is built right in.

The other is Crate.  Crate has the same functionality as
Suggestions, but it works on the computer with no mobile. After you set up an account, you create a New Crate.  By entering in the exact parameters that you need to look for and naming your Crate, it will build a list of the most popular items for those parameters.

Crate is built for Twitter, so you will need a Twitter account to signup.  But a great benefit is it also connects to Buffer.  You will be able to push the Crate information straight to any account linked to Buffer including Twitter, Facebook Groups, Pages, and Profiles.

Crate does have a scheduling function built it, but it will only post to Twitter.  There is a free version for you to try, but it doesn't connect to Buffer.  But it still saves a bunch of researching time. The next tier up is $19.00 a month.

Now you have two more apps to chose from in helping you automate your Networking Business.

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  1. Great information Carla. I would just add to never let the automation replace you as a person.