Monday, January 16, 2017

Income Producing Activities Part 2

Network Marketing is advertised as making money while putting in very little time.  "How would you like to work only two hours a day?"  But, to be successful, a lot more time and effort needs to happen.  If done right, it will push us out of our comfort zones and make us learn new skills that at first seem unnecessary.  So today, I thought I would go through one of the things that I consider Income Producing Activities that aren't taught by most companies or uplines.

Finding automation tools.  I spent a lot of time during the day doing
repetitive actions, like posting to my Facebook page.  So some days I would post a lot, and some days the only thing that I had time to post were ads.  So my timeline looked real spammy.  I am pretty sure Facebook was making sure my page and ads were not showing up in peoples newsfeeds.  Here are a few tools that I have fallen in love with, but of course there are plenty on the market to suit your fancy and all of these have free versions.

  • Buffer -   Buffer is a great tool to schedule your posts.  It connects to Facebook, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.  It has several different levels of which one is a free version.  With the free version, you are restricted to how many accounts you can connect to and are limited to 10 posts per Social Media account.  I upgraded to the Awesome account so I could schedule more posts, up to 100.  So now I spend one day a week loading up Buffer for the next week.  
  • Hootsuite - Hootsuite is like Buffer on steroids.  You can
    connect to the most popular Social Media accounts Their free 30 trial is limited to 3 Social Media accounts.  The price point is close to Buffer's.  It does have an added benefit of Hootsuite Suggestions. It searches the internet for content that is related to parameters that you set up.  So instead of you spending time to find articles on Candida, for example, the Suggestions will do it for you.  Cool feature.
  • MailerLite - This is another one of my favorites.  If you want to start collecting leads, you have to create a Landing Page or some kind of Contact Me page.  This app makes it really simple to create those web forms and to place them in Facebook or you blog.  You can set it up to send welcome emails with links so you can offer downloadable freebies to your new leads  
  • IFTTT - The anagram name stands for If This Then That.  Computer programmers understand this very well.   The basics of the program is you create Recipes.  You pick the Social Media or Blog site to connect to, tell it the action to look for (like a new blog post), and then tell it what to do (post the link to a Facebook page or your timeline).  On of the things I wanted it to do was to post to Facebook Groups.  It won't do that, but it does post to my timeline and Pages.  
When you find yourself doing something repetitive that seems like there should be a better way, it probably is.  Do some research through Google and you will find a long list to chose from.

This is Carla signing off for now!

Try my services and product.  Observe the results.  Love the Outcome.


  1. Great information as usual Carla. I use Mailer Lite and Hootsuite, so I know exactly where you are coming from.

  2. Great Post!! Yes, the tedious things need to be automated. I use TinyTorch for my online parties. All my party content posts appear in proper sequence and keeps the party moving at a good pace. This allows me to do the MOST important part of my events.... CONNECT with the HUMANS!!