Friday, January 20, 2017

How to Promote Each Other to Success

I have posted quite a bit about developing a Network Marketing Team.  I do this because it is your greatest asset. Having people outside of your company commenting and sharing your posts carries more weight than if other representatives from the same company brag on the products or you for that matter.

So the first step is to make sure everyone is on the same page with this because it is a strategy in which the whole team will ultimately benefit.  Just one person doing it won't make as much of an impact.  Comment and share posts, blog posts, pictures anything that your team members create that touches you, makes you laugh, inspires you and teaches you.  Carry on conversations in public.  Let others see the conversation and join in.  Don't just comment or like and go away, at least not all the time.  If you don't have time to write a comment, you can add a sticker.  Anything.  I would discourage just clicking Like/Love, but instead write something or post a sticker.

When you share, talk about the person, not about their products.  It is the person that needs the promoting.  Sometimes you can do both, but the person is what needs to be elevated.  You can share a company ad that they post, but describe what a good representative they are of the company.

You can also look at comments they make on posts to see if they have made a good point that you can create a graphic for.  Or create a graphic of a post they did.  People love to share graphics.  It is easier to share.  Make sure to note the person being quoted in the graphic and make sure your hashtag is on the graphic.  Both of you will get credit when people share it.

The above steps are building to the next step.  Once you get used to sharing and building each other up on your own timelines, start sharing in the Ad/Spam groups.  Talk about the one being promoted as a "Great Leader", "A Rising Star" of the industry and say some uplifting words about them.  In this step, everyone on your team needs to be posting to the same Ad/Spam groups - but not neccesarily the same thing.  If you are not concentrating your efforts like a sniper, then you are shooting with buckshot.  You are hitting the target, but it is spread too thin to make a difference.

Another advanced step, which works best after the above has been in place for at least a few weeks to a few months, is to actually ask
the one to be promoted a networking question or a question about their products in the Ad/Spam groups or on their time line.  They look like a leader and they get to provide great tips to help others.

Our team found it is best to come up with a schedule of promotion.  Choosing a person to be promoted for a day, week, two weeks or longer, but make sure you rotate people to promote so the whole team benefits.  You can promote others during this time, but the "chosen" one should be promoted more.

After doing this for a few weeks, it will come as second nature and you will look forward to edifying others.  During this phase, continue to work on branding yourself and trying new things like setting up a blog. If this sounds overwhelming, take it a few baby steps at the time.  And before you know it, the whole team will be benefiting from this strategy.

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  1. Carla this is awesome advice and I can personally say I have benefited greatly from these techniques.

  2. Very great info Carla! Yes! The benefits are amazing with an awesome team! You are absolutely spot on here!

  3. Very great info Carla! Yes! The benefits are amazing with an awesome team! You are absolutely spot on here!

  4. Very great info Carla! Yes! The benefits are amazing with an awesome team! You are absolutely spot on here!

  5. Great information Carla! I have benefited from this type of network marketing. I return the favour to all those on the team. I am happy to be on the same team as you! GO TEAM!