Monday, January 30, 2017

How to Maximize Ad Groups

To be honest, when I first started in Networking Marketing, I didn't post in Ad groups.  I looked around some, but I never saw any interaction or interest.  I saw a lot of pictures of money being flashed around and promises of outlandish income.  And I thought it was kind of hard to distinguish a scam verses a true opportunity.

If you have a Network Marketing Team, there are ways that Ad groups can be used to your benefit. What turned me off, is the exact thing you will be working to change.

  • Research which ad groups you would like to participate in.  Try to pick groups that are between 20,000 and 1,500 members.  In any group of 20,000 or more members your posts will get buried very quickly.  Those particular ad groups really won't help you grow your business influence at all. In groups of 1,500 members or less, interaction is better, but not as many
    people will see them.  
  • So now, make sure everyone on your Networking Marketing Team are members of these same groups.   
  • Make a post introducing yourself.  
  • Comment on others posts.  Post about how you like their graphics or their ad copy.  Try to stay more on the leadership qualities instead of their company or products.
  • Post a few tips.  Post some encouragement.  Create graphics of a tip of yours or a team members.
  • Establish leadership, positivity, and team spirit.
  • All along, let your Network Marketing Team comment on your posts, share your posts, hold conversations in public.  Do this for all team members.  This will increase each members influence in the ad group.  Also be sure to respond to the people commenting.  Seeing these engagements should encourage others who are not in your network to start making connections to you.  
  • Then post an ad.

The key to success is not how many ad groups you are a member of. It is how effective you are
within the groups you are members of.  Are you supporting your team members?  Are you interacting and share other team members posts?  Are you posting material that isn't ads?

You have to have a strategic plan in place for this to be successful.  Being concentrated in a few groups (10 or under) is like being a sniper.  If you are in too many and everyone is not being active in all of those groups, then it is hit and miss, probably mostly miss.

One important note.  If you see someone trying to post links in the comments, when your post did not request them, state in the comments about how that is not proper etiquette.  Let more of the team comment in the same way.  Show people ya'll know the proper way to do it and you are not afraid to show people the right way.

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  1. Another great post! Keep them coming :)

  2. Absolutely LOVE this article! So much valuable information here. I was the same when I started out and ad groups just looked completely ineffective to me. Now I understand why some people have success in them and some don't! Thank you.

  3. Great information, I love the strategy.