Monday, January 23, 2017


When I started in the Network Marketing field, I busied myself with promoting my company.  All I cared about was making sure people knew that I was selling and what my products were.  They were the ones paying me, right?

Since then I have seen what happens when you start to become your company.  
  • You start to be seen by the public as a product of your company, not as a leader.  They don't see the true leadership qualities that is needed to become successful in this market.
     Some people do become successful this way, but they probably already had a network in place.  Their network followed them into the company.  
  • When a company dissolves, for whatever reason, there goes your name, or brand.  It will take more time and effort to rebuild you as another company.  
  • If you decide to move to another company, for whatever reason, you will have to start building your team from scratch.
If you work on branding yourself and your Network Marketing Team members as leaders, you will begin to see a better outcome and more influence in the industry.  

How do you brand yourself as a leader?  It takes the work of your Network Marketing Team.  Come up with a business strategy to promote each team member as leaders, not just representatives of their companies.  Talk up their leadership skills, their heart, their skill for copy writing or graphics.   

  • Make friends outside of your company.  
  • Promote your Network Marketing Team members companies.
  • Collaborate with your Network Marketing Team to become
    better at marketing your respective companies.  
  • You are becoming a loose marketing firm that actually gets influence and results.
Before you know it, people will be seeing your brand instead of your company.  And your whole Network Marketing Team will be seeing the same.

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  1. This is really sound advice Carla. I especially like the concept of your personal brand being transferable from one company to the next.

  2. Fantastic read, Carla!! Branding yourself first is the most important thing to do when starting in this industry 😊

  3. I love the way you explain branding yourself. I made the mistake of becoming a company billboard in the beginning too and that definitely held me back. Leading through story-telling and being real always attracts great friendships and support. This industry is so much more than just 'sales'.

  4. Great info Carla! You never disappoint! I have seen this first hand in my business. I am branding myself and the response though small right now (I just started) is more than I would have received before all this!