Friday, January 6, 2017

Bad Tactics 2

This post is meant to be a warning for those who frequent Spam ad groups.  Have you ever seen the following type of posts?

  • Name a good company
  • I'm looking for a company
  • What company are you with
  • Need to know a good company that is not a scam
  • I'm looking for a new business.  Post your company link below.

I bet you see hundreds of responses and I bet you might have answered a few too.  

This is called Reverse Recruiting.  The poster collects the information, after playing nice and playing a friend, to sell to Lead Dealers.  They also send the list to people in their own network.  In time, the people in their networks can identify their marks and thus showing them their opportunity.  The information being collected is along the lines of name, phone number, email and information on what the person liked.

Some quick money can be made, but it ruins reputations.  And isn't every business built on having a good reputation?  

Do not fall for these.  These types of tactics hurts people on both sides of the equation - the poster and the genuinely person commenting.  

Post only honest questions.  Teach everyone who comments the right way to network.  You are increasing their knowledge and
influence.  And you are growing your Network Team, while showing your leadership and knowledge in public.

Instead of getting a bad reputation, you will gain an increasingly good one.  You will be elevating your brand, be seen as a leader as you help others get established in the business.

Continue learning the right way to network, do the right way and teach the right way.  

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