Monday, December 26, 2016

Successful Income Producing Activities

When I first started Network Marketing, I was taught that doing income producing activities (IPAs) consistently will bring success.  The list they provided didn't look overwhelming.  But as I proceeded to go down the list each day, I felt like I was missing something.  Even though there was nothing wrong with the list of IPAs, I started to feel like a pushy salesman.

The IPA's on my list were:

  • Following up with potentials (each time I did followup, I was trying to find out how they liked my samples or trying to send them samples)
  • Making a few Cold Calls (something I disliked from the start.  My first message to a person I had never interacted with would be a sales pitch)
  • Expanding my network on social media (this I liked, but again I would bring up the business almost immediately)
  • Adding to your prospect list (treating prospects like marks, always looking for an easy mark to make money.)
  • Engaging with people on your team (I would engage in my uplines FB groups and found them very helpful, but I didn't venture out to find teammates from other companies)
  • Setting up meetings and phone calls (even though this is a needful activity, I was rushing people to make a decision)
  • Calling people (always talking about the products)
  • Personally inviting your friends to events (always pushing people to attend)
  • Joining new Facebook groups (this is a fun activity, but only if you join to actually interact and have fun, not just trolling for your next mark)

The list is good, but I was missing the fact that I need to focus on building the relationships - with your network and with your potential customers.  Neither group wants to be sold to in each conversation with you.  Don't bring up your business unless the other side brings it up first.

Don't contact people just to give them a sales pitch.  That will turn people off very fast.

Don't post the same ads as everyone else.  Put some thought into it and create some unique ads that scream "This is my brand".  Create some new graphics that catch people's attention.  There are many free apps that can help with this.  The one I use is Canva.

Get rid of the ads and start posting some valuable content, lessons, tips, inspiration, and your opinions.  Also include some quotes, lessons and tips from your network team.  This builds the whole team up, not just your business.

IPAs are a needful activity, just make sure you are doing it with a pure attitude, not one of looking for the next sale.  The point is to make friends, actually learn about them.  Friends are more likely to buy from friends, so go make some in the new year!


  1. I've always had that feeling that there was something missing in most company trainings. I lean more towards companies that encourage being a real person online and building relationships. We've all learned the hard way that the shallow marketing tactics like baiting, link-spamming, cold-messaging etc do not work! Attracting like minded leaders to you is a much better way to go about this business. Love your blog and your branding Carla! Keep up the great work <3

  2. Excellent perspective Carla. You always have a nice twist on common things.

  3. Once again you nailed it!! So proud of you ❤