Friday, December 30, 2016

Tips to Building Your Company Team


One of the greatest struggles in network marketing is building your company team.  Just like building a strong networking team and a customer base, building your company team is a foundational skill that will propel your team to success.

The best first step is to listen to your current customers.  They are your potential team members.  If they are already excited about the products, they are probably already
sharing their excitement.  Talk to them honestly about how much work is involved, how much money can be made, how much of your money you have put in.  Don't oversell.  If you do oversell, they will become frustrated when they don't see the results you promoted.  There is a good chance they will become inactive.  

Another step is to advertise in spam/ad groups.  If you use creative graphics, your post will stand out from the rest.  When developing your ad copy, try to make it simple.  Don't give too much information. Don't even give the company
name.  Your ad should give them a reason to contact you for more information without luring them with false promises.  False promises will build an unstable team. 

Here is a note about placing ads in the spam groups.  Don't ever place an ad with just a graphics of cash or say "Make fast cash now!!"  Most people will skip over this type of ad, knowing that it is spreading false hope.  Also, if someone does contact you, you will be building an unstable team.

Have a good new year while you are making plans to grow a stable team!

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