Saturday, December 17, 2016

Guest Post - Kylie Buckley: Your Results Index

I haven't known Kylie for that long, at least in terms of time, but I feel like I have known her forever!  She is such a warm soul.  And she knows her network marketing to boot.  I am sharing her latest blog because it has great actionable items to lead us to better outcomes.

Your Results Index

So how do we as work from home professionals advertise in a way that is honest and appealing to others? What do our customers want to know? What sets us apart in the business world?
People are not as concerned with your history, your background, or your qualifications if you can show the results that your clients have gained. You have to be believable and genuine. Ultimately, Your ideal customer wants to know what's in it for them.

It's time to:
Get very clear on what you have to offer;
Market the heck out of it, and
Deliver on that promise.

Building a results index

There are 5 main areas where your clients can experience results, by doing this exercise you will more clearly understand YOU and the priceless VALUE you have to offer as a professional.
First, you will need to gather the data. Think of 3-5 people you have worked with and go through these exercises for each one.

What was the Primary Physical Result that the person got from working with you?
Did they lose weight?
Did they make more money?
Did they repair their marriage or another relationship?
Did they stop needing to visit the doctor? (Be cautious when it comes to medical claims)

2. The Primary Physical Result is usually something that can be quantified or measured.
"They lost 10 pounds."
"They tripled their income."
"They saved $1000 for retirement."
"They got off their medication."

3. Now list all The Secondary Benefits. These are in the categories of spiritual, emotional, energetic, mental and relational. For example, "They got their confidence back." "They found their voice." "They fell in love again." Feel free to fill a whole page!

4. Now think about what they would have missed out on. This is called the Opportunity Cost. Where would they still if they hadn't worked with you?

5. Look back on what you have written and underline key phrases now transfer the information to your Results Index. You'll want to be very familiar with your results so that depending on to whom you are speaking, you can know something that could help that particular client.

Your results Index is an invaluable source when it comes to creating ads and promoting your valuable services.

My Results Index
Physical Results (body, money, relationships, stress levels)

Emotional Results

Mental Results

Relational Results

Spiritual Results

Energetic Results

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