Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Finding Your Network - What Next?

In a previous blog post, I talked about how to find your perfect network.  Now we will discuss what happens next.

Your new networking friends need to become friends with each other.  Everyone needs to coalesce into a group of people who loves and respects each other; or at least be able to work well together.  They also need to be able to celebrate each others successes and sympathize with each others disappointments - in their business life and in their personal life.  

There is no room for jealousy or backbiting.  If that happens, you need to have a one on one discussion about what being part of your team means.  If it continues, part ways.

During this phase, comment on each others posts.  Have on-line conversations, so people can see the real you.  Play games to get people involved and to find out more about them.  If someone posts a company ad, let the team know so they can show some love on your post.  If you post a game, let the team know so they can show everyone how fun it is to play.

Share your teammates posts on your wall, refer business to them.  Share their ads and anything they post that is encouraging in ad groups.  Do not be afraid to refer people to another company.  This is a trait of good leaders.  Leaders share their knowledge and influence.  

Everyone on your team will begin to be seen as leaders and influencers of network marketing.  In fact, if you concentrate on one person promoting them for a day or week in the ad groups and on each team members wall, it is amazing how everyone on the team will start standing out from the rest of the crowd.  

You, as a leader of your team, will need to make a plan and get everyone on board to the benefit of the whole team.   

That is what you want.  You want your team to be unique.  

Keep growing your team in size, knowledge and influence; you will be well on your way to a very successful team.


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    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I look forward to seeing how far you can go in the next year.

  2. Keep them coming Carla. Great information here!